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Ellore’s Essentials for upcoming Winter

Ellore’s Essentials for upcoming Winter

If you could take a generous 6 items, on a cold and rainy deserted island what would they be? Well we have already done the tough thinking for you and come up with this list of our Winter products and comforts we couldn’t get through without 

1) Ellore Midnight trackies

Price: $99.00


A good pair of trackies are key to your Winter wardrobe. These ones that are not only a gorgeous shade of navy blue – the perfect Winter colour – but are also lined with fleece to keep you nice and toasty. The spacious pockets are perfect to warm your hands or pop your keys in for a quick trip to the shops.

2) Eaoron Hyaluronic sheet mask:

Price: $28.99


This sheet mask by Eaoron focuses on skin hydration, perfect for Winter months as our skin dries up with cold temperatures and dry air. This mask is such good ‘bang for your buck’ with 5 sheets masks each with 25ml of serum which you can keep using as your daily hyaluronic acid treatment!

3) Ellore Sky Blue Oversized Hood

Price: $139.00


This hoodie is so versatile it should really make it onto every essentials list. The sky blue means you can keep up to date with the trendiest colour’s and have a pop of colour in your wardrobe to spice up any outfit. 

4) Tatcha lip mask

Price: $42


Now I know this one is a little pricey but if you want to treat yourself on some lip care love, this is where you should invest. This beautiful lip mask feels so light on your lips but doesn’t disappoint to make them smooth, supple and so radiant!

5) Ellore reversable puffer vest

Price: $69.00


Puffer jackets always make a comeback every year and for 2022 it is all about the neutrals. This Puffer jacket is interchangeable from cream to khaki making it very versatile for your wardrobe! Where it on your way to the gym on a cold Winter morning or size up to fit over your favourite hoodie.

6) La Roche-Posay Facial Sunscreen

Price: $28.99


You might be confused why we would even need sunscreen in Winter? Well UVB and UVA can still damage your skin despite the weather. This one from La Roche-Posay is light weight with a matte finish for a barely-there look, perfect for putting under makeup two!

Thanks for taking a look at our top picks for Winter, let us know which products you couldn’t live without!

Endless Love, Peyton and Ellore 🤍


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